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The word Kwetuu is a play on the Swahili word 'kwetu' which means 'our' or 'ours' but can also be used informally to mean 'home'. The name comes from the idea that it is by taking control and ownership of our narrative, our home that real change will be tangible on the continent.

Kwetuu is a forum and platform for discourse and galvanising real change in Africa. A creative space where we dare to tell the tales hidden and erased from the history books. Dare to challenge the old told narrative that Africa is a nation with only one story to tell — the singular narrative of poverty, war, dictatorships, failing economies and of course the small pot-bellied babies.


The aim of this platform is to create a space for young Africans living abroad and across the continent. A space for ideas, empowerment, solutions whilst giving a voice to African millennials disturbing the narrative of what it means to be African in the twenty-first century.

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